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River Valley Schools

Welcome citizens of River Valley Schools to your live Spark Session! Over the past few weeks team members from FEH Design, School Staff, School Board members, and the community have been working behind the scenes to facilitate this interactive experience.

The Goals for Success were created to guide design decisions and help evaluate design solutions.

Scroll down and review the designs that have been created by team members from FEH Design with the input and guidance of the community.


  • Safety & Security for students & staff.
  • Foster trust among communities.
  • Facilities engage all students.
  • Student & community resource – welcoming environment.
  • Well-functioning learning spaces & libraries/media centers.
  • Managing debt, financially sustainable.
  • Access to current technology for all.
  • Attract & retain students & families.
  • Maximum efficiency & effectiveness.
  • Support daycare/childcare opportunities.
  • A process that engages all residents & communities.
  • Utilize the natural resource assets available to the district.
  • Leverage coordination with local business’ to meet local workforce needs & inspire all students.
  • Support all co-curricular activities through curriculum & partnerships.
  • Equal access to education with fair transportation.

Building Models

Spark sketches

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