what is an feh design spark session?

It is a Fast-paced, Engaging, Highly-focused Design process.


In a 1 or 2 day session we create concept drawings in a short span of time based on your ideas. These concepts are then presented creating awareness and enthusiasm.



Input comes from your selected committee or from the collective thoughts of your entire community or business. Having a broad base of support, reflects the needs and desires of the community, school or business, and develops built-in ownership.



Our team of designers set up shop in your space with their design toolkits. There, we focus all our attention on listening and responding to your suggestions. We bring our tools, our creativity but no preconceived notions as we work with you.



Through the Spark Session, multiple design concepts are created. During the day we step back, reflect and then refine the designs. The best move forward and a concept moves to a more refined design. 

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Live Sparks

Fennimore - Dwight Parker Public Library

Dwight T. Parker Public Library opened December 29th, 1924 using funds and land donated by Dwight T. Parker Jr. The building was officially listed on the National Register of Historic Places by the State Historical Society on March 10, 1983.

River Valley School District

River Valley is a consolidated school district comprised of 12 towns and four villages (Arena, Lone Rock, Plain, and Spring Green) located in four different counties (Sauk, Iowa, Richland, and Dane) and is one of the larger geographic school districts in Wisconsin (296 geographic square miles). The district name was selected because the district boundaries are on both sides of the Wisconsin River Valley.