Adam's Place


Adam's Place

Welcome to your live Spark Session! Over the past few weeks team members from FEH Design and the community have been working behind the scenes to facilitate this interactive experience. 

The Goals for Success were created to guide design decisions and help evaluate design outcomes for the your project.

Scroll down and review the designs that have been created by team members from FEH Design with the input and guidance of the community. 


1.    Getting the permit

2.    Having the first class of kids successful

3.    Every child’s life matters, and they have a right to improve themself. Each boy has support and the right to formal education

4.    Create an environment to enable at-risk boys to turn into a healthy, responsible, mature adults

5.    All boys have a way to better themselves, others, and their education

6.    Nourish the life

7.    Enrollment

8.    Donations (financial support)

9.    Community acceptance

10.  Accessibility to the students in need

11.  Have a program up and running

12.  Financial independence from the community taxpayers

a.    The enrollment is by application: $5-$10 dollars a month by the guardian

b.    The budget is $200,000 a year for food, clothes, and other operational cost to run the facility

13.  Create a project in which the community can create pride; a program to change a child’s life for the better

14.  Become a posterboard for success.

15.  To make the community happy with us and have them help these kids

a.    Be a resource partner

b.    Across the board success

c.   A drug-free environment with 0 tolerance 

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