Live Sparks

Farley Community Center spark session

Welcome citizens of Farley to your live Spark Session! Over the past few weeks team members from FEH DESIGN, City and Library Staff, and the community have been working behind the scenes to facilitate this interactive experience. 

The Goals for Success were created to guide design decisions and help evaluate design outcomes for the library project.

Scroll down and review the designs that have been created by team members from FEH DESIGN with the input and guidance of the community. 

Farley Goals for Success

By creating a new Farley library branch and other community amenities that:

  • provides library services and programming
  • provides access to technology and the internet
  • provides consistent and adequate hours of operation
  • provides gathering space(s) during and outside of library hours
  • engages, energizes, and brings together the community year round
  • is a long-lasting, permanent fixture of the community
  • is expandable and flexible to accommodate change in the future to best ensure its longevity
  • is built with materials to withstand the test of time
  • is inviting and welcoming to people of all ages
  • is a safe and secure place for all users
  • provides barrier free access for everyone
  • is visible, centrally located, and has walking access
  • is integral to the Dubuque County Library District
  • attracts non-resident County Library patrons to Farley
  • promotes economic development
  • addresses additional community needs including post office services and indoor recreation spaces
  • is developed after a public engagement planning process which thoroughly evaluates the possible options to best ensure its suitability for the community

spark sketches

Red= Library / blue = Post Office / Green = parking