Cascade Public Library


Cascade Public Library

Welcome citizens of Cascade to your live Spark Session! Over the past few weeks team members from FEH Design, Library Staff, Library Board members, and the community have been working behind the scenes to facilitate this interactive experience. 

The Goals for Success were created to guide design decisions and help evaluate design outcomes for the library project.

Scroll down and review the designs that have been created by team members from FEH Design with the input and guidance of the community.


  • provides adequate space for a robust collection.
  • offers adequate space for delivering services and programming. 
  • provides access to current, 21st Century technologies and tools (i.e. internet, computers, digital media, 3D printer, laser cutter).
  • is expandable and flexible to accommodate change in the future to best insure its longevity.
  • is built with materials to withstand the test of time.
  • is developed after a thorough evaluation of the possible options to best insure is suitability for the community.
  • becomes a space for the community to gather.
  • is inviting and welcoming to people of all ages, especially preteens/teens that are overlooked by current library spaces.
  • is family friendly and an exciting and fun place to visit.
  • provides barrier free access for everyone.
  • is a safe and secure place for all users.
  • is centrally located and has walking access.
  • reflects the Heart and Soul values of Cascade:
    • C – Community: We cherish our history, but look towards the future to bring together long-time residents and newcomers alike.
    • A- Atmosphere: We pride ourselves on the generous, kind people who support one another, creating a family atmosphere.
    • S – Safety: We are dedicated to sustaining a well-kept, safe community that everyone can call home.
    • C – Convenience: We value our centrally-located community with amenities for all.
    • A – Activities: We treasure the activities that bring our community together through music, sports, faith & other events.
    • D – Development: We value our local businesses and industries that create jobs and encourage growth & revitalization.
    • E – Education: We invest in future generations by offering excellent choices in childcare, schools & extracurricular activities.

Spark sketches

criteria & voting