Brewer Public Library


Brewer Public Library

Welcome citizens of Richland Center to your live Spark Session! Over the past few weeks team members from FEH Design, Library Staff, Library Board members, and the community have been working behind the scenes to facilitate this interactive experience.

The Goals for Success were created to guide design decisions and help evaluate design outcomes for the library project.

Scroll down and review the designs that have been created by team members from FEH Design with the input and guidance of the community.


  • A 21st Century Library for the future
  • Accessible inside and out
  • Serve people of all ages and cultures– intergenerational and intercultural community center
  • Provide a safe environment for everyone
  • Attract and retain people to the community
  • Increase library usage
  • Convenient location; Walkable, accessible by bike, available parking
  • Provide community and business meeting and gathering space
  • Provide updated collection that supports literacy and is appropriate for the community
  • Determine future library and museum relationship
  • Efficient and functional design to deliver all services
  • Improve ability to collaborate with other entities
  • Fiscally responsible solution- in construction and operating costs
  • Environmental, financial, and cultural sustainability focus

Spark sketches